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Total annual costs associated with operating this website$187.00

Sponsorship Information

The AHC depends on the generous donations of its sponsors to offset the expenses of providing this website.
This organization believes that all sponsors should receive a reciprocal token for their donation, and provides 1 full year of ad-space for each accepted donation¹.

​Ad space includes:

A thumbnail logo, in square format, on each page of this website except for the personalized sponsor pages.
A personalized sponsor page that contains:
     A 300 X 300 logo
     A brief bio (you are responsible for submitting bio)
     Link to your website and/or social media pages (you are responsible for submitting links)
     8 additional and representative images in square format (you are responsible for submitting images)​​

Ads run from January 1st - December 31st.

Donations of $25.00 will receive left side-bar placement w/sponsor ad page (max 12 spaces available)
Donations of $10.00 will receive bottom placement w/sponsor ad page (max 8 spaces available)

¹ Accepted Donations:
The AHC will not accept donations (sponsorships) from:
     Any individual who has ever been convicted of or is currently charged with animal cruelty or animal neglect.
     Any hedgehog breeder who does not have officially registered herd initials.
     Any business that is not hedgehog related.

Sponsor Contact Form

Once your form and donation have been received, we will respond with a request for your images and any other info that we may need. Please ensure that you have typed your email address correctly. Thanks!

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